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Unfortunate News About Our Founder

May 4, 2009

If you work with an infectious disease long enough, you run the risk of catching it yourself. We regret to inform you that our founder, Christie Wilcox, may have had such an unfortunate occurrence with The NERD (although we suspect her infection may have occurred long before her current work with The NERD). She is displaying strong signs of infection, including being named Science Channel‘s Geek of the Week.

On the Science Channel Front Page: Christie is Geek of the Week

On the Science Channel front page, the latest evidence of our founder's NERD infection: Christie is Geek of the Week

The evidence of her infection is plastered all over the Science Channel website and their affiliate site, NerdAbout

We hope that you will continue to support her and this site, as more than ever the effects of NERD infection are hitting home for us. Truly no one is safe from NERD infection – we all must support and appreciate each other in spite of it.

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  1. May 4, 2009 4:38 pm

    The only cure for The Nerd, is more geekiness. Or at least, that is what helps me with my infection. ;)

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