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Dating with the NERD infection

May 14, 2009
Of course, what you do on the date is a whole other story.

Of course, what you do on the date is a whole other story.

By far, the hardest part about being infected with The NERD is finding that special someone who doesn’t mind the disease. Thankfully, there are a number of sites dedicated to this, like Nerd Passions, intellectConnect, Geek 2 Geek, Sweet on Geeks, iQcuties,, ScientificMatch and Bee My Geek. There are even sites for geeks who like their own gender, like Some of the sites charge to be a member, others don’t, but whatever your monetary investment, you’re sure to find a lot of infected singles on these sites.

Unlike other diseases, The NERD doesn’t necessarily have outward symptoms, therefore it’s entirely possible for infected individuals to mix and mingle with the uninfected population without being identified. So if you’re not infected, keep an eye out for strange behaviors – they may be your only clue that your date is infected with The NERD.

But, as we’ve mentioned before, those infected are better lovers, so even if you’re not infected you might want to give those sites a shot, or at least give NERDs a chance. Sure, you risk getting The NERD, but hey – you’re probably going to catch it eventually anyways.

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  1. Don Brooks permalink
    May 14, 2009 11:21 pm

    If you look at the numbers, the only dating site that makes sense is Geek 2 Geek. It’s got way more members on it. It’s not easy to be a geek, and there are not enough people on the other sites to even have any possibility of a choice in your area.


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